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  • High-output solid-state welders

    More output: Continuous electronic load matching secures full power output across a wide range of tube sizes. More uptime: Short-circuit-proof, safe and reliable operation. Unrivalled efficiency: Diode rectifier with a constant power factor of 0.95 at all power levels, and an efficiency fact...
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  • solid state hf welder advantages

    1, carbide tool welding. Such as turning tools, milling auger hot rolling, pliers, hammers, wrenches, wire cutters, etc. 2. Diamond tool head welding, such as diamond saw blade welding, abrasive tools, sawtooth welding. 3. Welding of drilling bits used for prospecting, such as word bit and claw b...
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  • Other uses of high frequency induction heating

    High frequency welding machine is different from other welding machines, its function and use is not just a single welding. High frequency welding machine can not only be used for the welding of various metal materials, but also can be used for diathermy, smelting, heat treatment and other proces...
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  • What is the high frequency induction welding?

    High frequency induction welding is a process based on the concept of forming a weld seam by electric resistance or electric induction welding, where the edges to be welded are mechanically pressed together, and the heat for welding is generated by the resistance to flow of the electric current. ...
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